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About Us


Over 100 years ago our family put down roots here. When Florida was starting the citrus boom, Lake county was centrally located for shipping north. Yalaha was a thriving port for steam ships, navigating the chain of lakes north through the maze. Our family grew citrus, ferns, and raised cattle. After the freeze of the 1980's, our family has operated a thriving plant nursery on the same land my great grandfather started with.  We currently live as fourth generation "Florida Cracker's".

    Love of the outdoors as well as hunting and fishing is a way of life for us and it will always be. In 2008 we started a small business selling boats and marine products. As we grew the business we extended our enterprise to include a small tackle shop. Treating customers with respect is one of our core principles, but our goal is for our patrons to become friends thanks to our family atmosphere. If you're in a hurry, go to the big box stores!  If you would  like a different experience like the way it used to be or as we feel the way it should be, come see us!

Welcome to True South Marine
Capt. Sean & Kali Frey

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